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i paint to know inanimate objects intimately, to appreciate the life in something where, at a glance,

beauty might not be apparent.

i paint to get lost in colors,

to move through shapes

and ride on line.

i paint to give life

to my imagination,

infuse joy into paper,

and exhale color.

i paint to let my eyes dance

and heart sing.

i paint like someone sings

out in the shower,

or adds a heavy dash of spice

to a new dish.

painting is energy popping to life that moves me forward, up, or down.

i revisit places from the past and explore inner worlds, blurring the two into a dream-like reality.


At a young age, Andrea and her family moved to the Pacific Island of Guam. There she paddled through crystal blue ocean waters and lived a childhood filled with exploration of tidal pools and coconut groves. Fragrant jungle flowers, brilliantly colored sunsets, and tropical warm rains cultivated the young artist’s imagination, creating an abundance of inspiration for painting and making art.


Travels in Latin America and Southeast Asia in later years gave her a rich variety of images and experiences from which to draw, compelling her to share her artistic vision with a wider audience.


A desire to connect others to the rewarding benefits of creating art prompted her to pursue a Masters degree in teaching from Whitworth College, establishing her vocation for the past 15 years as a secondary art educator.


Mid career, she dove headfirst into the Caribbean Sea, becoming a Teacher Educator for the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic. Gratifying work in a land filled with color and music refreshed her creative spirit, which is evident in her current work both visual and written.

Andrea is also a graduate of the University of Washington, receiving her BA in psychology and public relations. Along with teaching, she was an academic advisor for students in Eastern Washington University’s Chicano Education Program. She has illustrated a children's book and features for a regional magazine, served as Art Director for Jay Koh's PBS film "My Brown Eyes," and exhibits work throughout the West Coast.

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